The Safe Arrival of the Electrical Mode of LIA to Europe


On April 19, 2021, Electrical Mode (EM) and Reduced Electrical Mode (REM) of the Light Ion Analyzer (LIA) succeeded in reaching Airbus.

The EM and REM of LIA passed through Pre-Shipment Review (PSR) on February 24, 2021. Since then, LIA team began to actively prepare for transportation. With the support of related departments, EM and REM successfully arrived to Airbus after nearly two months of collective efforts. At present, Airbus has completed the visual inspection. In the future, Airbus will carry out interface testing and integration of the Payload Module (PLM).
The EM and REM of LIA are the first productions to arrive at Airbus, which is an important step forward for the engineering phase of SMILE mission.

Fig: REM and EM of the LIA