SMILE Co-Engineer Meeting held in ESTEC and IAMC


After SMILE mission adoption by ESA in the beginning of March, 2019, Airbus in Madrid was selected as Payload Module (PLM) contractor. In order to consolidate the Interface Requirement Document (IRD) and the Interface Control Document (ICD) between each system. PLM – Payloads co - engineer meeting was held in ESTEC on 22nd April-3rd May. Then PLM - PF (Platform) co - engineer meeting was held in IAMC ( Innovation Academy for Microsatellites of CAS) at the beginning of May.

Engineers from ESA, Airbus, CAS, University of Calgary, Honeywell, Leicester University, NSSC, IAMC took part in the meeting. SMILE mission Chief Engineer YE Peijian gave welcome speech at the beginning of Co-Engineer meeting at IAMC. Through co-engineer meetings, details of IRDs and ICDs have been discussed and clarified. The meetings made good progress for SMILE mission and laid the foundation for the follow up instrument PDR.

SMILE Co-Engineer Meeting at ESTEC

SMILE Chief Engineer YE Peijian gave welcome speech at IAMC

SMILE Co-Engineer Meeting at IAMC