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The 2007 Annual Work & Strategy conference of CSSAR held in Beijing
Author: CSSAR
Update time: 2007-10-19
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General Affairs Office, CSSAR--The 2007 Working & Strategy Meeting of CSSAR was held from April 27 to April 29 . The director WU Ji, vice director LI Yonghai, LIU Bo, WANG Chi and LIAO Fangyu, the assistant dirctor XU An, academician JIANG Jingshan, members of Party committee, chief engineers, assistant chief engineers, directors of each office and laboratory, and professors over 60 attended the meeting. 


Firstly, the vice director LI Yonghai conveyed the spirit of 2007 annual work conference of CAS. The director WU Ji of CSSAR delivered a work report entitled Constructs the world-renowned research institute,  After a short review of CSSAR work in 2006, Director WU said that it would be a major task for CSSAR to strive for an world-renowned research institute with long-term strategic objective, independent innovation ability, science & technology activities organization ability, science & technology facilities & culture construction, and international intercourse ability in the future 5 to 15 years.The director of CSSAR strategic plan office, SUN Lilin delivered a report entitledThe study report on management system & ability of Scientific research institute. Group discussions were held after the report.


Academician JIANG Jiangshan gave a speech at the closing ceremony, stating that we should strengthen the cooperation in the competition to achieve the strategic objective steadfastly. Academician LIU Zhenxing and WEI Fengsi aslo submitted written report respectively.


LastlyDirector WU stated four requests for CSSAR ,to reinforce basic research and advanced research, to pay attention to strategy plan and carrying out the strategic research earnestly, to open the new domain of independent innovation (Besides further tracks the front) and to develop international cooperation practically. WU hoped all the members of CSSAR work hard with a strong sense of responsibility to make CSSAR have more development in next five year and the long-term future.

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