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Colloquia for memorializing 35th anniversary for the successful launch of Dongfanghong satellite held in CSSAR
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Update time: 2005-12-22
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The day of April 24, 2005 is the 35th anniversary for the successful launch of Dongfanghong satellite. In order to memorializing the day which is of great significance in history, CSSAR invited many experts and scholars who joined the Dongfanghong programe in the old days to have a colloquia in the building of Center for Conference.

People who took part in the colloquia were Junwen Yang, Qizheng Hu, Zhicheng Wu, Hua’an Lin, Shaojun Xiang, Wei Zhou, Jianzhao Cheng, Puru Sui and some leaders of CSSAR.

In the meeting, they all looked back to the old days when they do research on Dongfanghong satellites and the days they prepare for the launch. Until now, whenever they thought about that time, they felt proud very much.

“By memorizing the hard times when the old scientists worked for the development of Space Science in China, we hope we can bestir our fight and make our faith firmer, thus prompt the future work of CSSAR and the future development of Space Science of our homeland.” said Ji Wu, leader of CSSAR. He showed the gratefulness to all the experts and scholars who joined the meeting on behalf of all the members of CSSAR.
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