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TC-2 satellite of DSP was handed over successfully
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Update time: 2005-12-22
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On April 18, 2005, the ceremonial for handing over TC-2 satellite of DSP was held in Beijing. 120 representatives from CNSA, ESA, CAS, CSSAR and some other Departments of China took part in the ceremonial.

On the ceremonial, the video of “report for handing over TC-2” was broadcast. It give a clear description for the course of the establishment of the item, the tasks of the satellites, the course of the research and so forth to all the people who joined the ceremonial. After that, Zhenxing Liu, academicians of CAS and top scientist of DSP, gave a lecture on the ceremonial. His lecture focuses on mainly about the circulating situation of DSP, the cooperation with Cluster of ESA as well as the results of exploration and analysis.

After listening to the splendid lecture,the ceremonial of signature for documents of handing over satellites. All the people on the ceremonial became the witnesses of the exciting time. They cheers and took photos together in order to make it a memorization. The leaders of different departments gave congratulations to the handing over’s success.

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