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Asking for Case for reconstruction of north wall at the west gate of CSSAR
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Update time: 2005-12-22
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In order to figure a better image of CSSAR and make the environment more beautiful and under the advice of some employee of CSSAR, CSSAR has decided to reconstruct the north wall at the west gate.

Aiming at making the reconstruction case liked by members of CSSAR and the employees are satisfied with it, CSSAR has put a vote onto the BBS of “Life in CSSAR” and is now asking all the members of CSSAR for Case for reconstruction of north wall at the west gate. Hope we can all beat our brains and find good ideas, thus make contribution to the construction of CSSAR.

The vote is still going on. However the number of people who has voted is still small. We hope that more and more people would like to vote and give out his opinion on the reconstruction of north wall at west gate.

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