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Congratulatory letter to CSSAR from Yongxiang Lu, Dean of CAS
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Update time: 2005-12-22
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I am very glad to know that you have won the second prize of National Scientific Advancement in 2004. I want to express the most ardent congratulations on representative of CAS and myself, also, to show our respect for the staff who paid out laborious work for the program.

We hope that you can make the point you won the awards a new starting-line, under the guide of the important ideology of “Three Representatives”, go on with carrying forward the spirit of comity and cooperating,spelling tenaciously and exploiting and innovation. Thus make persistent efforts to make basic, tactic and foreseeing contributions to the economic construction, security of the nation and continuously development of the society!

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dean of CAS: Yongxiang Lu


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