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JingShan Jiang
Update time: 2009-09-17
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JingShan Jiang, male, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, is an expert in Microwave Remote Sensing and spaceflight applied engineering. His nationality is Korea and he is a tutor of doctoral students.

He was born in Longjing City in Jilin Province of China on February 2nd, 1936. He graduated from Beijing Russian college in 1956 and he went back to China after he graduated from the ministry for preparation for studies in Soviet Russia, Institute of Russian of Beijing. He had been the director of Center for Space Science and applied Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences; assistant director of Chinese Society of Space Research; leader of the team of the experts in Space Science and Applied Research. Now he is the advisor of committee of experts of 863 Spaceflight and Aviation of China; Chairman of Academic Committee of Center for Space Science and applied Research and assistant director of Degree Assessing Committee; directing designer of manned space multi-mode microwave remote sensor; assistant director of Chinese Society of Space Research and remote sensing specialty committee; member of CN COSPAR, member of International Moonlet Committee, Academician of international Euro-Asia Academy of Sciences.

Since Prof. JingShan Jiang graduated in 1962, he has engaged in space science and technology research including rocket orientation, planet survey, microwave remote sensing. In 70 decade of the 20th century, as one of pioneers for putting forward developing remote sensing technology, he began to research microwave remote sensing and take in charge of key project on microwave remote sensing named National "75", "85" mission to exploit development of microwave remote sensing. In 80 decade of the 20th century, he took the lead in developing microwave remote sensing system and brought technology of multi- module microwave remote sensing in a creative way, and thus satellite scan scatterometer measure has come true for the first time, which caused China kept ahead status in the field. The establishment of a High Altitude Airborne Remote

Sensing Technical System made national economy get benefit, as well as the invention of emergent disaster remote sensing monitor technology made disaster monitor technology improve to a new level.

After fulfillment of Machine-satellite-ground real-time transmission technology of remote sensing picture as "85" key project, he set up experimentation system which has ever entered into top ten of world key project achievements with lead level.

The establishment of national key space engineering application system technology demonstration he involved in become important role in the field. Now, he is applying national microwave remote sensing to Meteorological Satellite, ocean satellite and lunar exploration. As a result, he was awarded many prize in China.

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