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Chinese Meridian Program introduced prominently in Space Weather
Update time: 2010-08-25
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New Chains of Space Weather Monitoring Stations in China, written by Prof. WANG Chi, director of Space Center State Key Laboratory of Space Weather and general chief of Meridian Program, was published in America academic journal space weather and reported prominently in the website of the journal.

Meridian program is a national key scientific and technological program, which established chains of ground-based observatories located roughly along 120°E longitude and 30°N latitude. It is a large-scale ground monitoring system to continuously monitor the space environment over China. Meridian Program was started in 2008 and will be completely constructed in 2010.

Space Weather is a journal Co-sponsored by American Geophysical Union (AGU) and International Space Environment Service (ISES), devoting to the emerging field of space weather and its impact on technical systems, including telecommunications, electric power, and satellite navigation.

For more information, please visit http://www.agu.org/journals/sw/.

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