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Observation of Deep Dielectric Discharging from a Simulated Spacecraft Component by SEELab
Update time: 2010-04-21
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Deep dielectric charging and discharging resulted from high energy penetrating electrons in space, is one of the key anomaly causes for GEO and MEO spacecrafts, which provide navigation, communication and weather services. Unfortunately, the process and mechanism of deep dielectric discharging in complicated spacecraft structures and components is still unknown, as a result the existing design rules may protect the spacecraft over or less.

Basing on the former research of deep charging for space-born materials, experiments on small simulated spacecraft component has been carried out in “Satellite Deep Dielectric Charging & Discharging Facility” recently, which is the first ground simulation facility of this kind in China developed by SEELab (Space Environment Effects Laboratory) in CSSAR.

Under the irradiation of the simulated worse GEO high energy electron and room temperature, the sample discharged within few hours, with the magnitude of discharging current close to one Ampere. The result is significant for disclosing the process and mechanism of deep dielectric discharging in complex satellite structures and components, and is instructive for making proper protection design guidelines.

Deep dielectric discharging from simulated satellite component observed by SEELab

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