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A Special Lecture to the Young
Update time: 2009-07-27
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CSSAR--Recently, the Youth League Committee of CSSAR and Space Institute invited academician Ye Peijian, chief commander and chief designer of Chang'e-1 lunar satellite, to give a special lecture to the young workers and the graduate students of CSSAR.

Academician Ye told the audience the importance of the space activities, the mission of the space scientists and the content of the Chang'e-1 spirit on the topic of "Chang'e-1 lunar satellite from the Chang'e-1 Spirit ".

In the opinion of academician Ye, the Chang'e-1 Spirit was consisted of four parts including fostering the conception of patriotism, being positive, willingly starting with the trivial and upholding teamwork.

Academician Ye encouraged the audience to learn from the older scientists such as the first director Zhao Jiuzhang, carry forward the spirit of developing atomic bomb, hydrogen bomb and artificial satellite and make contributions to Chinese space science.

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