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Professor Geliy Alexandrovich Zherebtsov Visited NSSC
Update time: 2013-01-31
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On 22 Jan. 2013, Professor Geliy Alexandrovich Zherebtsov, a Full Member of Russian Academy of Sciences, visited National Space Science Center. He visited the data center and operation center of Meridian Project and discussed related issues with research groups in NSSC in the field of space weather.

Professor Zherebtsov was invited to attend a report meeting where Dr. TAO Wei and Professor YANG Guotao delivered two reports on ionosphere research and laser lidar research respectively. During the discussion, both parties mentioned the long cooperation history of Russia-China Joint Research Center on Space Weather which dates back more than one decade and discussed the cooperation in the International Space Weather Meridian Circle Program (ISWMCP).

Professor Zherebtsov expressed his warm welcome to the young scientists of NSSC to visit ISTP for joint research. Both parties exchanged relevant data and discussed the recent progress in the field of space weather. 

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