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Delegation of European Commission Visited NSSC
Update time: 2012-11-28
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On November 14, a European Commission delegation headed by Dr. Rudolf Strohmeier, Deputy Director General for Research and Innovation of European Commission, visited NSSC. LIAO Xiaohan, Director General of the National Remote Sensing Center of China, and ZHANG Chi, Project Manager of the National Remote Sensing Center of China,representing the Chinese government, attended the meeting. The three parties extended the wishes to establish solid cooperation in the field of data sharing and other aspects with common interests.

Professor WANG Chi, Deputy Director of NSSC, made a brief introduction of NSSC and the Meridian Project, a national grand science project. Professor LIU Hao from the Key Laboratory of Microwave Remote Sensing proposed possible EU-China Collaboration on Geostationary Microwave Sounder. The delegation from EU asked questions of concern upon hearing the presentations from scientists in NSSC.

The guests were invited to the technical visit to the Data Center of Meridian Project, the Space Environment Prediction Center and Key Laboratory of Microwave Remote Sensing. Shortly after the technical visit, the three parties held discussions on the possible way of cooperation. Dr. Rudolf Strohmeier stressed the importance of “share data” and touched upon the potential actions to intensify cooperation between Europe and China. In response, Professor WANG Chi proposed the collaboration at three levels: on the system level, Europe and China can establish mission to mission collaboration as in the case of Double Star Program and Kuafu Mission; on the payload cooperation, Europe and China can establish cooperation cases like geo-sounder; on ground based support, EU and China could make full use of the data receiving stations through bilateral cooperation.

The common interest in the field of earth environment and earth observation will help to “move one step further”. Professor LIAO Xiaohan introduced the idea of “coordination committee” in the field of earth observation from the policy aspect. Mr. Laurent Bochereau, Head of Unit in Directorate-General for Research and Innovation of European Commission and Mr. Philippe Vialatte, Minister Counselor in EU Delegation to China, explained the forms of cooperation including exchanging scientists.

Through the productive discussion, the scope of cooperation between China and Europe becomes broad and clear, which definitely will pave the way for the near future cooperation.

(supplied by Office of International Cooperation)

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