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SMILE ESA-CAS Joint Mission Preliminary Design Review (M-PDR) Passed
Update time: 2020-01-20
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14-17 January 2020, the SMILE (Solar Wind Magnetosphere Ionosphere Link Explorer) Mission ESA-CAS Joint Mission Preliminary Design Review (M-PDR) Meeting was held at the European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) in Netherlands.


The Chairman of the Review Committee are Wang Chi, chief scientist of China, ESA Science department director G. Dr. Hasinger and ESA Inspector General G. Colangelo. The vice-chairman of the committee is The Director of ESA's Future Mission, F. Safa (ESA). The Committee is composed of representatives of the ESA-CAS development team and experts.


The Board Panel of Experts reviewed the Data Package and generated RIDs. After three days of discussion and consultation, the review committee concluded that all Review Objectives are achieved, which include:


l  Verify the completeness, justification and adequacy of CAS-ESA joint system specifications, including adequate CAS-ESA allocations, and their compatibility with science and mission requirements and programmatic’s constraints.


l  Verify the completeness and adequacy of the overall joint mission design and analysis with respect to the mission requirements and allocations on both CAS and ESA elements for all mission phases and that the mission requirements can be fulfilled.


l  Verify the adequacy, consistency and completeness of the space segment and ground segment schedules, in particular the timeliness of CAS-ESA model deliveries.


l  Verify the completeness and adequacy of the joint CAS-ESA Product Assurance Programme, including safety aspects.


l  Verify the closure status of the relevant actions and proper implementation and handling of the recommendations and concerns from previous or lower level reviews, i.e. Mission SRR and lower-level PDRs.


The review committee agreed that the ESA-CAS Joint Mission Preliminary Design Review (M-PDR) had successfully passed.

Group photo of the SMILE Mission ESA-CAS Joint Mission Preliminary Design Review (M-PDR)


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