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First Investment Agreement Between DeepLink and FDX Fund Signed in ShenZhen
Update time: 2020-01-19
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  On January 14, 2020, DeepLink Space Technology Co., Ltd., created by key personnel from National Space Science Center (NSSC), Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Shenzhen FDX fund Co., Ltd. (FDX) held a signing ceremony for the investment cooperation agreement in Shenzhen. Former Director General, Dr. WU Ji, Assistant Director General, Mr. YUAN Qingzhi, of National Space Science Center, President of FDX Fund, Mr. ZHONG Liang and other representatives participated in this event.

  ZHONG, President of FDX Fund, gave a welcome speech, which expressed a high degree of recognition of the previous close cooperation between the two parties, which set a new example of innovation. In the future, FDX Fund is willing to continue to work together with NSSC, and also hopes that NSSC will give more support and guidance to the development of FDX.

   WU, former director general of NSSC and now the chairman of board of DeepLink, expressed his sincere gratitude to FDX for the support. He highly praised FDX's positive contribution to the industrial applications of space science and technology, and expressed his willingness to progress together based on the strengths of both sides, in the spirits of "being able to do things and accomplish things".

  YUAN, assistant director general of NSSC, said that in the context of building a strong aerospace industry and implementing the integration strategy, the cooperation between DeepLink and FDX is just in time, and look forward to a broader “win-win“ cooperation with FDX in the future.

  Under the witness of the participants, WU Ji, chairman of board of DeepLink, and ZHONG Liang, president of FDX, jointly signed the cooperation agreement. In the future, both sides will carry out strategic cooperation to develop and apply new deep space communication technology, and build a space infrastructure to serve the cislunar space utilization.


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