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The SMILE SWT#14 and Consortium meeting #8 was held in ESAC, Spain
Update time: 2019-12-18
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18-20 November 2019, the SMILE (Solar Wind Magnetosphere Ionosphere Link Explorer) Mission 14th Scientific Working Team and Joint Meeting was held at the European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC) in Spain.


The meeting was co-chaired by Philippe Escoubet, project scientist at the European Space Agency, Wang Chi, chief scientist of China, and Professor Graziella Branduardi-Raymont, chief scientist of the European Party. Scientists from the United Kingdom, Canada, Austria, Belgium, the United States of America, Brazil, Czech Republic, Japan, ESA and China, as well as engineering team, satellite system, payload system, ground support system and scientific application system, the ESTEC team and other relevant personnel more than 60 people attended the meeting.


According to the agenda of the meeting, the engineering and payload teams of China party and the European party reported on the progress of their respective developments. The scientific team reported on the scientific objectives of SMILE and the scientific issues involved, including solar-terrestrial environment, magnetosphere, ionosphere, aurora observation, etc., and reported on the contents and results of their respective studies. Scientists from Tokyo Metropolitan University reported the GEO-X ray imager in GEO orbit. Scientists from Boston University reported the Luna Environment heliophysics X-ray Imager. They’re all attending the meeting for the first time. The General Assembly decided to hold the next MEETING in Iceland in mid-March 2020.

Group photo of the SMILE SWT#14 and Consortium meeting #8

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