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The 10th Forum for New Leaders in Space Science Held in Washington DC
Update time: 2019-11-28
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Jointly organized by National Space Science Center (NSSC) and Space Studies Board (SSB), the 10th CAS-NAS Forum for New Leaders in Space Science was held in Washington DC on 28-29 Oct, 2019. The theme of the forum is planetary science and space earth science.


Prof. DONG Xiaolong, Deputy Director General of NSSC, and Mr. David Smith, Senior Officer of SSB, presided over the opening ceremony. Al Roming, the executive officer of the National Academy of Engineering and Colleen Hartman, the director of SSB, delivered the welcome speech.


All the senior scientists from the forum selection committee attended the forum, including Prof. DONG Xiaolong from National Space Science Center, Prof. LIN Yangting from Institute of Geology & Geophysics, Prof. MCKINNON Willam from Washington University in Saint Louis, Prof. RUNNING Steven from University of Montana, Prof. SHI Jiancheng from Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth and SMITH David from Space Studies Board (SSB), NAS.


The forum arranges 18 oral presentations, including 4 keynote speech from senior scientists and 14 presentations from new leaders. The topic of the presentations touches upon a wide range of studies in the planetary science and earth science, including exploration of the solar system, exoplanets, the planetary environment, the radiation related study on Tibet Plateau, recent progress in the ocean satellite and hurricane study, lunar and deep space exploration, new methods in earth observation and planetary geology etc. 


The forum is jointly initiated by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine and is jointly organized by National Space Science Center (NSSC) and Space Studies Board (SSB) with the meeting venue alternating between China and the US. The first forum was held in 2014, and 10 forums have been held by far, touching upon different fields of space science, e.g. Astronomy and Astrophysics, Solar /Space Physics, Planetary Sciences and Earth science, Space Life and Microgravity Science etc.




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