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The 2nd Strategic Forum on Space Science Held in Beijing
Update time: 2019-09-20
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The 2nd Strategic Forum on Space Science dedicated to the frontiers and opportunities of space science has been successfully held in Huairou, Beijing, 4-5, Sept. 2019.

As joint host of the forum, National Space Science Center and International Space Science Institute, Beijing Branch (ISSI-BJ) invited prominent discipline scientists from major space science research areas, as well as representatives from space research institutions of major space powers, e.g. USA, Europe, Russia and Japan etc.

On behalf of the Local Organizing Committee, Prof. WANG Chi, Director General of NSSC and Prof. Maurizio FALANGA, Executive Director of ISSI-BJ, delivered welcome remarks.

The forum identifies five research areas in space science for further discussions including space astronomy/fundamental physics, solar/space physics, exoplanet, planetary science and space earth observation. Keynote speakers of the above mentioned five areas presented keynote talks in individual discipline and orchestrated the discussions. The discipline scientists contributed to the summary of the challenges and opportunities facing each discipline.

The discussions and consensus reached during the meeting will be summarized in the form of meeting conclusion, which will be published by the ISSI-BJ.

(Supplied by Office of International Cooperation and Space Science and Deep-Space Exploration Studies Center)

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